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Christians and Muslims stand together behind the Sheikh

This coming Sunday in Marrickville (December 9th) there will be a lunchtime gathering of Christians, Muslims, and other concerned community members who want to show their support for Sheikh Mansour Leghaei, cleric of Earlwood’s ‘Imam Hussein Islamic Centre’.

Father Dave, coordinator of the ‘Christian Save the Sheikh Coalition’, said, “Sheikh Mansour is a good man and a good friend, and he’s a person who has given many years of faithful service to this community. It is only fitting that local persons from all faiths and persuasions come together to support him.”

Sheikh Mansour has been in Australia for 13 years, but was recently assessed as being a security risk by ASIO and has now been asked to deport himself! Unbelievably, the Sheikh has not been told why ASIO is concerned about him, nor is he being given any chance to defend himself. He recently appealed to the High Court, for the right to have his case given a hearing, but was told that because he was not an Australian citizen, he did not have the right to a fair trial!

“The treatment of Sheikh Mansour has been nothing short of outrageous”, said Father Dave. “If I were picked up in Iran (where the Sheikh comes from) on suspicion of some misdemeanour, but was told that because I was an Australian, I forfeited the right to a fair trial, we’d say, ‘what sort of totalitarian regime is this?’ And the answer would be, ‘it’s Australia, mate!’”

Father Dave went on to say, “Sheikh Mansour has always been a great advocate of the equality of all peoples, regardless of religion or race. By joining together for a good Aussie BBQ on Sunday, we want to build the bonds of friendship. Moreover though, we want to affirm together that everybody in this country should have a right to justice , regardless of whether they are Christian, Muslim or Jew, European, Asian or Arab, recent immigrant or one of the original indigenous owners of this land. We are all Australians here, and we should all be entitled to a fair go!”

Join us at Ewen Park (in Tennant Parade, Hurlstone Park) this Sunday,12.30pm start.

For more information, call Father Dave on (02) 9569-1255